How to keep your garden healthy

1.- It is advisable to rotate or change the irrigation area. If you always do it from the same place you will cause the earth to be dragged and the roots to be left out in the open, which impacts on the stability of the plant.

2.- Take time to prune. Remove the rapes and dry leaves to make room for new ones.
Eliminate the weeds or weeds that grow around, so your plants will take better advantage of the nutrients and water of the earth.

3.- The best time to water is the first time in the morning or at sunset. In addition to the fact that water is better used by not evaporating, it prevents the plants from being burned by the sun

4.- According to the gardening experts at The Home Depot, plants in clay pots require more water. Being a porous material absorbs part of the liquid.

5.- To keep your garden free of pests it is advisable to have rosemary plants that scare away some harmful insects.

6.- Feeding the garden is essential for good maintenance. Acquire products suitable for the type of flowers and plants you have.

7.- Consider the use of native plants, they are the ones that best adapt to the climate of the place and will need less irrigation.

8.-To have a colorful garden all year round, choose plants that bloom at different times.

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